Thursday, September 17, 2020

Are You a Blue or Red Wealth Manager?

Yes, even financial advisers have to adjust to our divided nation. A survey commissioned by Hartford Funds reveals that nine out of ten investors under age 45 want their advisers to share their political views. 

Fortunately, older investors are somewhat more tolerant.  


Jim Gust said...

How does one learn the political views of one's financial advisor?

What is the difference between a red and blue investment strategy? Do only the blues follow the ESG mantra?

My broker told me a mild joke that signaled he is likely center-right. I probably made earlier comments to him signaling my rightward leanings, making it safe to tell the joke. I would expect most advisors to be smart enough to avoid politics completely.

JLM said...

Surely most ESGs are blue, and most fans of fossils fuels are probably red. investors with high-turnover portfolios also may tend to be red, but that’s a Trumpish guess, based on no evidence whatsoever.

Brandon Pate said...
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