Thursday, August 18, 2005

Personal finance blogs in the spotlight

The Wall Street Journal today offers a roundup of noteworthy blogs covering investment and money management subjects. Only one or two of the mentioned blogs seem even indirectly related to financial services marketing. The value of blogging in this arena remains to be demonstrated, though I think that the potential is huge.


edjackson70970188 said...
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JLM said...

Blogs are great, but often their info is unverifiable. OK, sometimes bloggers lie. As we know, financial services marketers are truthful to a fault. Can blogs and FS marketers really coexist?

At first glance, the blogs cited by the WSJ seem designed more for teenagers than adults. Insights such as autos being priced lower at the end of the model year aren't news to the over-15 crowd. One blog's advice to save money on gas by driving past the Mobil station to the lower-priced indie station down the block seems pitched to an even more-sheltered audience.

An article in today's New York Times mentions a site, the Watchful Investor, that doesn't discuss marketing but seems literate. It offers a useful and comprehensive list of investing links.

tony63vanessa said...

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