Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sorry, A. G. Edwards. There's a better way to care for nest eggs

A. G. Edwards' nest-egg ad campaign pales in comparison with the original, conducted a half-century ago, not by a brokerage but by a trust institution: Chase Manhattan Bank.

"For a better way to protect your nest egg, talk with the people at Chase Manhattan." The campaign was probably the most attention-grabbing ever conducted to promote trust services.

The ads ran from the 1950's well into the 1960's and seem to be vintage collectibles now. Here's one I spotted on eBay:

Here's a high-resolution version of another. Unlike the owners of A. G Edwards' nest eggs, who are likely to let them roll down the street or allow them to be run through MRI units, the affluent folks of fifty years ago played it safe. They kept their nest eggs securely shackled to their persons.

Wish I remembered what agency did the campaign. Can any senior citizens with sharp memories help out?

The agency did a great job of keeping the campaign going by finding ever more-intriguing, upscale settings. An antique auto show, in this example:

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