Monday, September 05, 2011

Can Investment Advisers Save the Economy?

Savers and investors continue to suffer from an income famine. Yields on CDs are negative. Ditto for real, after-tax yields on ten-year Treasuries. Belatedly, financial journalists have realized that policies intended to bring banks back to life are toxic for savers and investors. 

That's not the worst of it. What's bad for savers and investors is bad for the economy – especially now, as the great tidal wave of Boomers are reaching retirement age. Ordinarily, many business managers and professionals up their spending as they prepare to retire. It's time to expand the cottage at the lake into a real retirement home … launch and equip a retirement business .… take more time off and treat the grandkids to a Disney cruise.

With Boomers suffering from the  income famine, they're not likely to tap their nest eggs to augment consumer spending. Unless ….

When investment advisers help their clients realize income through interest-paying deals that aren't too dicey, plus sturdy income stocks, they're doing more than helping their clients. They're helping save the economy.

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