Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Most Expensive Home In Hedge Fund Country

This Greenwich mansion is the most expensive home for sale in the United States, according to Ocean Home. Asking price: $190 million.

The realtor describes the 50-acre estate as incomparable in Greenwich, where hedge funders go when they become billionaires.
Enjoyed by the noted Lauder Greenway family from their purchase of it in 1904….. This incomparable estate, 40 feet above mean high water, owns two islands and altogether they have a total of almost a mile of shorefront, amazing views, extraordinary walled gardens, unbelievable privacy, a 75 foot pool with a spa, a beach, a grass tennis court, a superb greenhouse, a stone carriage house and a cottage….
Asking $190 million isn't the same as getting it, these days. Before the real estate crash, even the Greenwich sky wasn't the limit. Nina Munk evokes the era in this 2006 essay for Vanity Fair.

Now even one of the Greenwich hedge fund greats, Steven A. Cohen, is besieged by the SEC.


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