Saturday, September 14, 2013

Putting on the Dog, Fifty Autumns Ago

Two more trust-and-investment ads from fifty years ago, showing that dogs can be either Old Money or New Money.

Beagling, a scaled-down alternative to fox hunting, was definitely Old Money. (Your obedient blogger remembers when The Ox Ridge Hunt Club in Darien, Connecticut had a pack of beagles.) You can sample a classic hunt in this video.

"Hound Dog," evoked in this Manufacturers Hanover ad, was surely New Money. Best known from Elvis Presley's 1956 recording, the song is considered a key link in the evolution of Rock from R&B.

One million dollars was real money in 1963. For instance, $1 million could buy 58 brand new Rolls Royces . . .

Rolls Royce: $17,000

. . . or 187 Jaguar XK-Es.

XK-E: $5,325

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Jim Gust said...

Great post. Love the car prices.