Friday, October 18, 2013

Sixty Years Ago: U.S. Trust Turns 100

Though this 1953 U.S. Trust ad looks antique (the spire depicted is Wall Street's Trinity Church) the copy holds up. "Money is better employed with more than one mind to guide it."

Still wincing from the blow Old Money suffered in the 1930s, the trust company strove to look on the bright side of the post-WWII boom: "While changing times have reduced the ranks of the very rich, they have enlarged the number of those with property enough to profit from trust services."

Perhaps those with "property enough" included the Dutchers of Darien, Connecticut, featured in this Pan Am ad found in the same issue of The New Yorker.

Update: Visited the U.S. Trust web site and read this:  
Understanding your goals is how we help you reach them. You’ll have a team of talented individuals dedicated to developing custom strategies to help meet your specific needs. It’s how we do business and it’s why generations of families have been putting their trust in us for more than 200 years.
More than 200 years? Wow! That second hundred must have been turbocharged.

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