Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today the blog begins its tenth year

The first post was nine years ago today.  We've had nearly 2,500 posts, of which I'd guess at least 80% must be credited to JLM.  Certainly, all the best posts, the ones that have attracted the most hits for the blog, are his, according to Google Analytics.  His post at the end of March on Paul Krugman and estate taxes had 120 page views within a week.  Sure, the Instapundit does that in an average minute, but he's writing for the whole universe.  My posts take years to break into three figures for page views.

Thanks again, JLM, for sharing your thoughts and your wisdom!

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JLM said...

Thanks, Jim. The useful posts, like quick rundowns on proposed tax changes, come from you. Wish you posted more – it's a shame you have a day job.