Thursday, February 18, 2016

Should Perfect Son Inherit More Than Troublesome Daughter?

From Annie's Mailbox: A couple have two grown children – a perfect son and a troubled daughter who has received significantly more financial aid. Their old wills leave the son 60 percent of their estate and put 40 percent in trust for the daughter.

Their problem, if you can call it that: The couple's net worth has grown to around $12 million.  Penalizing the daughter for the funds expended on her behalf now feels mingy. Should they change their wills?

Yes, Annie's Mailbox advises. Leave the son and daughter equal inheritances.

That's usually good advice. Parents who follow it may earn the gratitude of the beneficiary who would have received more as well as the one who would have received less. Being the favored child can have its downside in later life.

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