Saturday, May 07, 2016

Jodie Foster Takes On Wall Street's Money Monsters

What if  CNBC's Jim Cramer was good-looking – really good-looking, like  George Clooney?

What if a poor soul who lost big on a stock tip decided to blow Cramer to smithereens? On live TV?

For answers we'll have to check out "Money Monsters," starring Clooney and Julia Roberts and directed by Jody Foster. Jody deems the film major enough to entitle her, after 50 years in show biz, to a gold star. (Yes, 50 years. She started at age 3.)


Jim Gust said...

You might have to act quickly if you want to see this film. The projections are not good.

JLM said...

Money Monster took in $15 million in its first weekend and cost only $27 million to make. Sony claimed to be delighted.