Sunday, April 02, 2017

Cross Selling at Bank of America

Megabanks want customers to use more of their financial products and services. They emphasize cross selling (to a fault, in the case of Wells Fargo).

Why then would a big bank go out of its way to trash its reputation and stink up its brand?

Latest example, Bank of America and a couple who were unfortunate enough to have the bank buy their new mortgage, which they hoped to modify.

For torturing the couple, Bank of America has been fined $45 million by Judge Christopher Klein of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. His decision begins like this:
Franz Kafka in 1910

Franz Kafka lives. This automatic stay violation case reveals that he works at Bank of America. 
The mirage of promised mortgage modification lured the plaintiff debtors into a kafkaesque nightmare of stay-violation foreclosure and unlawful detainer, tardy foreclosure rescission kept secret for months, home looted while the debtors were dispossessed, emotional distress, lost income, apparent heart attack, suicide attempt, and post-traumatic stress disorder, for all of which Bank of America disclaims responsibility.
The Great Recession triggered the couple's woes. Most likely they'll recover their financial footing and return to prosperity, and one day a Merrill Lynch broker from Bank of America may ask for their wealth management business.

Will they welcome him with open arms?

Or will they pick up sticks and  beat him like a piƱata?

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