Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Two Ways to Wear a Suit Like a CEO

As annual reports for 2018 appear, notice the crumbling of the business dress code. White shirt and tie is giving way to tieless blue shirt.

Pfizer's CEO photo shows him in suit and tie. Ditto for Bank of America's CEO. But AT&T's CEO photo shows that he has joined the tieless, unbuttoned blue-shirt rebellion. So has Citi's.

CEOs of troubled companies, however, need to look as somber and serious as possible. Leaders of GE and Wells Fargo still wear ties.

JPMorgan Chase's report isn't online yet, but Jamie Dimon presumably will appear with tieless blue shirt as he did a year ago.

For traditionalists, worse is yet to come. The disappearing tie, the WSJ suggests, will be followed by the disappearing business suit. Already, shoppers at the Joseph A. Banks store in NYC have to sidle past displays of khakis and jeans and head upstairs in order to find suits.

West Coast techies are to blame, of course. Judging from photo evidence, the only time Apple's Tim Cook wears a suit is when he visits the White House.

The crumbling dress code leaves wealth managers with a serious challenge, Which fashion look will impress the client – Armani or Lululemon?

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