Thursday, January 05, 2006

Financial Newsletters Really Work!

Of course at Merrill Anderson we've always said that newsletters provide results (even if the results are hard to quantify) but now we have independent verification. This article,Newsletter News: An informal survey of advisers shows that there are many reasons to have a newsletter. (registration required), reports that in an informal survey of fee-only and fee-based independed advisors, 72% said that having a newsletter "was an important part of their business building efforts." 65% mail quarterly, 13% monthly, the rest on some other basis.

What does a newsletter accomplish? The respondents say what we've long said at Merrill Anderson:

* Client communication and retention
* Visibility strategy
* Credibility building (reputation)
* Deliver planning and investment education
* Reinforce investment and business philosophies
* Create new business.

I love getting that third party validation.

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