Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chase? JPMorgan? JPMorganChase?

Oh what tangles can marketers weave, when multibranding they do conceive.

On the TV broadcast from the U.S. Open the other day, an announcer admitted confusion:

"We just showed the ball was in on the 'Chase Review.' But the logos behind the court say JPMorgan. Which is it?"

A day later the TV cameras were showing Chase logos behind the court in some shots. Yesterday an announcer took pains to say the Chase Review was brought to us by JPMorgan Chase.

Exercising due diligence, the Senior Assistant Blogger consulted the JPMorgan Chase web site. Here you can read how their branding works.

Although news reports refer to JPMorganChase as seeking appointment as administrator of Brooke Astor's estate, for branding purposes trust services seem to be offered by JPMorgan Private Bank.

Family offices are offered the benefits of a corporate fiduciary under a different heading: trustee services. More upscale?

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