Monday, September 24, 2007

The SEC doesn't care for seminars

The Securities and Exchange Commission evidently considers retirees to be among of their core constituencies. They have an entire page of links for seniors here. Among them:

No Free Lunches: Seniors — Beware of Investment Seminars
"Senior" Specialists and Advisors: What You Should Know About Professional Designations.

Because I'm on the lookout for financial services marketing ideas, I get quite a few e-mails from outfits that provide prepackaged seminars to brokers and financial planners. They seem to have fallen on hard times lately, the effectiveness of seminars seems to be in decline just as the SEC attacks are beginning. If seminars don't work, what does?

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JLM said...

If you define "senior" the AARP way. as age 50 or over, you're looking at the bulk of American investors with serious assets (young hedgies excepted, of course).Therefore they are *the* SEC constituency.

Alas, the crackdown on senior seminars, like the crackdown on subprime lending, comes years too late to help a lot of people.