Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brooke Astor's Wills: The Boxed Set

Yesterday, The New York Times reports, a massive set of volumes appeared in the court where Brooke Astor's son is on trial:
The putty-colored, tri-level cart stood next to the witness box, its 3-foot-long shelves filled with black binders the size of telephone books. The collection of paperwork represented the sometimes whimsical, sometimes meticulous nature of Brooke Astor. The binders contained more than 30 different wills and amendments to the wills that she executed over half a century.
The wills and codicils were entered into evidence as Henry Christensen III, Mrs. Astor's longtime lawyer, took the stand.

Was a 2003 codicil, the last Christensen prepared, signed while she was competent?

Could she have been incompetent shortly thereafter, when she signed a codicil prepared by Francis X. Morrissey Jr, the lawyer Astor's son chose to replace Christensen?

Stay tuned.

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