Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Indispensable Little Folder

[A brief commercial for Facts You Need to Know About Taxes.]

I was wrong.

When I was researching and writing about tax matters all the time, Facts You Need to Know About Taxes seemed redundant. Who needed it? All that stuff was already in my head, and I figured it must be in the head of most High Net Worth Investors.

Now I'm a High Net Worth Investor (Junior Grade) myself. In order to comment on subjects covered in this blog, I probably keep up with tax and investment developments better than most. Yet when the office sent me a sample of Facts You Need to Know for 2010, I realized how little of that tax stuff was in my head anymore. This indispensable folder will have a home on my desk top throughout 2010.

If you're concerned with making your wealth management clients think well of you, Facts You Need to Know can help. For more information, click here.

Talk of tax changes will fill the Washington, D. C. air next year. (Hot air in 2010, action in 2011?) To understand the talk, you and your wealth-management clients must know where the tax system stands now. In other words, you'll need Facts You Need to Know.

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