Sunday, April 28, 2013


This looks like some good material for our estate planning newsletters.


JLM said...

Deborah Jacobs at Forbes has taken up your suggestion, but I wonder if Roman Blum is a persuasive bad example. No family. Apparently no friends or neighbors whom he wished to enrich. Why shouldn't he allow the State of New York, which gave him the opportunity to rise from poverty to wealth, to receive his millions?

(Admittedly, I'd be happier if he had died a resident of my State, New Hampshire, where lack of state income or sales taxes makes us needier than most.)

JLM said...

Whoops. My comment above is misleading. Before anyone adds to the inflow of affluent retirees, he or she should know that New Hampshire does levy a hefty sales tax on payments for meals and hotel rooms. Also, the State imposes a 5 percent income tax on dividends and interest.