Friday, November 22, 2013

The Law's Delays

2013. Contested Inheritance Goes on Sabbatical. 

Less than a year before her death at 93 in 2012, Geraldine Webber largely disinherited the beneficiaries of her earlier will in favor of a young policeman. The resulting will contest (a trust contest, really) is unusual in that the aggrieved beneficiaries are charities, not relatives. For an earlier newspaper report and a link to a video of Webber executing her will, see Will Contest Goes to the Video.

When will the case go to trial? Not soon. The judge has approved a one-year sabbatical, perhaps to give the contending parties more time to reach a settlement.

1913. The Game

Big-time college football contests drawing vast crowds are now commonplace. A century ago, nothing compared to The Game. When Yale played Harvard, even justice was delayed.

The New York Sun, November 21, 1913

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