Thursday, March 13, 2014

Boomer Inheritance Boom Fizzles, But Wait Until 2031!

Some wealthy parents of Boomers are still around, and those that aren't seem to have favored philanthropy – or dynasty trusts – rather than outright transfers of wealth to the next generation. See The New York Times: 
The top 1 percent of households owns about 35 percent of American wealth, more than the entire bottom 90 percent does. But at least at the moment, growing inequality has not resulted in a big boom in inheritances. Since the 1980s, the value of inherited wealth has only drifted upward slightly. In fact, wealth transfers as a proportion of net worth have fallen, to 19 percent in 2007 from 29 percent in 1989.
Maybe the Boomers' heirs, the Gen X and Gen Y crowd, will be luckier. Starting in 2013, the consulting firm Accenture forecasts, "10 percent of the country’s total wealth will change hands every five years through inheritances, estates, gifts and the like."

What do you think? Will Boomers conserve and pass along the family wealth? Or will they joyfully spend the kids' inheritances?

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