Monday, August 28, 2017

The Little Woman and the Tire Guy

 Kathleen Thomas heads a successful advisory firm that holds our securities for us. Heightwise, you might describe Kathleen as a little woman. (And you might be surprised to learn she's run in seven Boston Marathons.) While on vacation recently, she took a damaged tire to be repaired, and the tire guy . . . well, read her story for yourself.

Tire guys prey on men, too, but the complaints I've heard have come from women.

And it's not just tire guys, of course. Male financial advisers have been known to condescend to "the little woman." Perhaps that's one reason Kathleen and her mostly female staff are doing well.


Jim Gust said...

Except for the typo near the end ("as" for "was"), great story.

JLM said...

Yes, and when they put up their new web site recently I spotted a typo. They're asset allocators, not proof readers.