Thursday, June 01, 2006

Referral blog-a-thon

An outfit called Horsesmouth, in the business of helping financial advisors build sales, is in the midst of a month-long blog fest on the subject of referrals. Here's an interesting one from a captive broker who seeks HNW referrals from his banker colleagues!

Daily updates to the blog may be found here.

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JLM said...

Interesting! The captive broker may be setting his sights too high. If the bank sells investment management, that division wants the $1 million+ accounts (and will provide fiduciary-level service). Even if the bank doesn't have wealth managers, Merrill, UBS, etc. are good at courting the HNW investor. I think of bank brokers as better suited to the emerging affluent.

More useful, I think, is Bill Smith's reponse to the question of How to sell my friends? Good advice on the virtues of patience and letting the friend make the first move. Plus a reminder that friends often make lousy, troublesome clients.