Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Six out of seven investors don't want to think about investing

From Fund Investors Don't Want To Go It Alone, Jonathan Clements' column in the WSJ:

Yes, index funds are growing rapidly, especially exchange-traded index funds. Still, the Bogle Center calculates that these index funds account for less than 16% of the money in stock funds, hardly a huge percentage.

Similarly, among folks who invest in mutual funds outside their employer's retirement plan, a mere 14% do so without any help from a financial adviser, according to the Investment Company Institute. Indeed, the Institute's Mr. Reid says there have never been large numbers of true do-it-yourself, no-load-fund investors.

That's good news if you are a financial adviser. What if you are a personal-finance columnist? I've got to tell you, it's sort of depressing.

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