Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And now a word from our sponsor

Merrill Anderson's overview booklet, Trust and Investment Services for You and Your Family, is revised annually to reflect the changes each year in estate tax rates as well as new developments in wealth transfer planning. For the 2008 edition, we've created this new table, Common Trusts, Uncommon Benefits. Click on the image to make it readable.

To order copies of this new brochure, or to request a PDF proof of the entire booklet, give us a call at 203.377.4996. Please mention that you learned about the booklet from the blog (I'm looking for sales credit here).


JLM said...

Looks like a handy summary and sales tool to me!

Only the grumpiest trust marketers, probably the ones who spent too long in law school, will protest that agency accounts aren't trusts. But I suppose the corporate fiduciary could act as investment agent for a client who declares himself trustee of a revocable trust.

Jim Gust said...

I agree that the Investment Management Account isn't a trust service, and in fact I left it off of the first draft of the table. But most of our clients are trying to sell IM accounts first, with an upgrade to trust status as needed in the future. And we wanted to emphasize the point about the agency account being easy to set up, without explicitly calling out the legal costs associated with setting up a trust.