Monday, October 08, 2007

Different Sales Pitch for Women?

Deloitte & Touche consultants believe selling professional services to women requires a different approach. says this Wall Street Journal column (subscription).

For instance:
Don't be frustrated if female clients reevaluate or modify their initial requests; because they discover as they shop, women may be very receptive to suggestions about other services.

Women clients want to know and trust their consultants personally as well as professionally; sharing personal details can help build trust.

Women often prefer business lunches to dinners, because they tend to have more responsibilities at home. And they may be more receptive to evening social invitations if asked with sufficient time to make arrangements at home.

Body language differs by gender. Men tend to stare as they listen and nod to signify they understand. Women may nod when they don't yet understand to encourage the speaker to keep talking. And while consultants often seat themselves beside a male client as their "right hand man," women are more comfortable seated face to face.
Another strategy mentioned by a Deloitte consultant: Before launching into a sales pitch to a prospective female client, listen and ask questions.

Say, mightn't that work with males, too?

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