Friday, October 19, 2007

Bubble 2.0 or "Financial Services, Sayonara"?

California's dreaming of new internet riches, Steve Pearlstein reports in this Washington Post article.

Bubble 2.0? Maybe not. Marc Andreessen (remember Netscape's glory days?) says it's different this time:

In the last decade, he notes, the number of people hooked to the Internet has grown from 100 million to 1 billion, with 3 billion expected by the end of the next decade. And because of the increased speed and the growth in the number of things we do using the Internet, the intensity of use is increasing exponentially. Given that potential demand, he says, the industry has only begun to tap the Internet's potential. The profits of entire industries -- telephony, entertainment, news, financial services [emphasis added], retailing -- are now up for grabs.

What's also different this time, adds Andreessen, is that with the introduction of cheap servers, open software and inexpensive programming tools, it's now much less expensive to start a company.
Could most readers of this blog be obsolescent? In a couple of years, will my avatar sit down with an adviser avatar and move my actual wealth into Vanguard's endowment fund?

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