Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Pays To Advertise. Here's Proof

For breakfast this morning, my wife asked for Rice Crispies, not Post Toasties.

See Hanging Tough by James Surowlecki in The New Yorker to learn why that fact has significance for business today, including the wealth-management business.


Jim Gust said...

Perhaps your wife simply didn't want corn flakes this morning? I always preferred Rice Krispies, Cheerios or Wheaties to the corn flakes.

Or perhaps she knew that Post Toasties were discontinued in 2006, per Wikepedia? (I never knew that Post Toasties were originally named Elijah's Manna—ain't the internet great?)

Nevertheless, great point about the value of advertising.

JLM said...

Yes, Post Toasties were discontinued; that's part of the point. Post cereals did moderately OK for a while after WWII, but the company never regained the momentum it lost by hunkering down in the 1930's.

Jim Gust said...