Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life and Taxes

Thoughts for April 15th:

Most hated tax. The estate tax is the most hated federal tax, according to the Tax Foundation's latest survey of attitudes on taxes. Two thirds of those polled favor repeal.

Everybody into the pool! Two thirds of those polled believe everybody should pay at least a little income tax.

Live taxable or die. This article in Science Times suggests taxes may be requisite for human survival:
[G]iving up a portion of one’s income for the sake of the tribe is such a ubiquitous feature of the human race that some researchers see it as crucial to our species’ success. Without ritualized taxation, there would be precious little hominid representation.

Update. For meatier thoughts on taxes, see Tom Herman's last Tax Report column for The Wall Street Journal. Herman joined the Journal after graduating from college in 1968 and began covering taxes for the paper in 1983. Back then, Herman writes, the Internal Revenue Code was a mess. Today? A "nightmare."

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