Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Case For Custody

Four-color ads from decades past in The New Yorker archives, printed on better paper, look OK. Black-and-white ads often look spotted (rotted? mildewed?), like this U.S. Trust ad from April, 1964:

Custody accounts, usually regarded as a loss-leader, were seldom promoted in the 1960s. Had some event prompted concern about securities "misappropriated or stolen"? This blogger knoweth not.

Should trust companies and bank trust units do more to promote custody accounts in this Age of Madoff?

Here's a four-color ad, also from April 1964. Bet Mad Men conceived it before JFK's assassination the previous November. Today the delectable photo reminds us that it was once thought the 1960s would be remembered as the new Age of Camelot, not for Vietnam.

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