Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Retaining Affluent Clients

Last month Tom Gerrity pointed out that unsettled times are prime times for seeking new clients. Don't overlook the equal urgency of working harder to keep clients.

Ditching one's investment adviser may not be a rational client response to the implosion of the financial economy, but it's been happening right and left. Never has it been more important to calm the unrest: Communicate! Commiserate! Educate!

Glad to see Maureen Wilke making the point in this Investment News column:
The most successful advisers send quarterly newsletters, special white papers and research reports to all clients and call to discuss these materials with their most affluent ones. In today’s market, it is critical to share knowledge with your clients.
As Mr. Gerrity might say, a word to the wise is sufficient.

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