Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What the Wealthy Want

"Easy access and personal acquaintance with senior officers." That's what the wealthy want when it comes to their banking, investment and trust needs.

Fifty years ago, nobody knew that better than The Bank of New York. Whatever particular service a BNY ad featured, invariably the ad was accompanied by a quote that carried more marketing clout than the ad copy itself:
"... there is a real place in New York for conservatively managed banks and trust companies of moderate size where customers may have easy access to and personal acquaintance with the senior officers . . . "
The Bank of New York is now part of BNYMellon. Yet even in these tough times, some relatively small bank and trust organizations are developing higher aspirations. For marketing purposes, they would do well to come up with a quote as compelling as BNY's.

Postscript: Notice the BNY offices listed in the ad. Freedomland? Wikipedia tells the now-forgotten tale of "Disneyland East."

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