Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Curious Irish Will

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are singing on the telly. Time for a St. Patrick's Day post. Google came up with this:

[To The Editor Of The Spectator.]

Sir, — So recently as the year 1874, a professional gentleman in the south of Ireland made a will some extracts from which are here given. The will was lent to me by a parishioner; but for obvious reasons I do not give the name and address of the testator: —

I leave and bequeath an annuity of £120 a year, an ample provision for an irreclaimable booby, to my nephew, I. L. C, to be paid him only in Australia or any British colony, where he may desire it to be remitted to him. . . . Should the said I. L. C. return to Ireland, England, or Scotland, I then revoke this annuity, and he has my leave to die in the Poorhouse.


I leave and bequeath to Mr. J. M. an annuity of ,£10 a year, to be paid half-yearly, as he is the most distressed of all his respectable relations, not from any regard for him, but because he was a near relative of my deceased wife.

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