Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why Some U.K. Parents Spend the Kids' Inheritance

From Bank of mum and dad shuts up shop in The Telegraph:

One in three parents is unwilling to leave an inheritance – or even offer financial help to married children – in case the gift becomes part of a future divorce settlement, according to research by Rensburg Sheppards, the financial planners.

The firm said ageing parents did not want to see a disgruntled ex-son or daughter-in law walk away with money or assets they were keen to keep within the immediate family.

The research found that almost a third of those surveyed (27pc) said they were not confident that their children's marriages would last, and the majority called for prenuptial agreements to be made legally binding to help keep inheritances outside a divorce settlement.

The Telegraph article offers a brief intro to estate planning, U.K. style – transfers at death and "giving from warm hands."

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