Monday, August 08, 2011

I watched President Obama on MSNBC today . . .

. . . and it appeared to me that the Dow broke through the 11,000 barrier while he was talking.

I did not get a sense that any new ideas are on the horizon.

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JLM said...

President Obama talks too much and says too little. (And if he does not get rid of those look left, look right but never look at the viewer teleprompters, I'll go bonkers.) The venerated Peggy Noonan explains why Obama's oratory so often lags Reagan's,

"[Ronald Reagan] thought speaking was a big part of leadership, but only part, and in his farewell address he went out of his way to say he never thought of himself as a great communicator. He thought he simply communicated great things—essentially, the vision of the Founders as applied to current circumstances."