Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Top One Percent Revisited

Who's the "Top One Percent"? links to charts showing how much wealth or income Americans at the top enjoyed in the aggregate. What about the individual income and net worth threshholds?

Incomewise, you need north of $380,000 a year to rank as a One Percenter.

For net worth, you need a lot more than $1 million. Last year, Spectrem estimates, about 7% of U.S. households possessed a net worth of a million or more. About 0.9% of households possessed $5 million or more, so you would need almost that much to rank as a net worth One Percenter.

 Most likely, a number of "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are the offspring of millionaire households. They still want to see the unemployment rate go down. And some wouldn't mind seeing the One Percenters who packaged  subprime mortgages go to jail.

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