Thursday, October 18, 2012

Haves and Have Nots, Young Adult Division

Haves. Managers of family investments are Courting the Next Generation of the Rich. Business retention is the motive.

 Success may be limited – sticking with your parents' investment people is seldom cool. The programs do provide some financial education. Also, participants welcome the opportunity to network with their peers.

Have nots. Two-thirds of college seniors in the class of 2011 graduated with student loan debt, averaging $26,000.

Debt loads varied widely from state to state. Three out of four graduates in New Hampshire owed an average of $32,440. In Utah a majority graduated debt free, and the minority owed an average of $17,227.
Got any good ideas for A) reducing the cost of college or B) increasing the supply of wealthy parents and grandparents?

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Jim Gust said...

To lower the cost of college, eliminate all federal subsidies, unleash free market forces.

Next thing you know, everyone will be getting educated for free from the internet.