Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Old Money Rap, New Money Rap

Who Says Trust Fund Babies Can't Rap? We raised the question six years ago, answering with a link to Tea Partay. That promotional video for Smirnoff, cheerfully mocking the Trust Fund Preppies of Greenwich and The Vineyard, went viral, attracting millions of hits.

Here's a rap video that's attracting hundreds of millions of hits – a dance-crazy salute to the New Money lifestyle in the land of Hyundai and Samsung.

From Korea,  Psy's Gangnam Style.

Psy, a rapper in his mid-thirties, probably thought he was over the hill. Now he's a phenomenon, a worldwide celebrity. Gangnam, the area whose style he raps about, is a modern, flourishing district south of the river in Seoul. Someone has called it Seoul's Beverly Hills.

Why has Gangnam Style attracted hundreds of millions of viewers? Hard to explain, as Scott Adams acknowledges. This blogger's teenage grandson writes: "No mere mortal could have been this clever. I suggest we find the guy who made this and put him in charge of everything."

Psy in Gangnam Style
Korea's New Money is attracting private bankers and wealth managers galore. Citi has had a presence in Korea since the early 1980's. Now it's beefing up marketing efforts directed at Koreans with $1 million and up. 

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