Monday, February 18, 2013

Famous Last Words, Revisited

This blog has a cool archive. For instance, Jim Gust's 2009 post, "Famous Last Words." Jim marveled at a Brooklyn pizza joint that had just raised is prices from $4 to $5 per slice. Per slice!
“We will never, ever lower the price,” the owner's daughter said. “It can only go up. It can never come down.”
Famous last words? Not so far. Di Fara Pizza is still getting $5 a slice. Maybe $6, according to one comment on Yelp.

In a 2011 video you can view here,  owner Dom DeMarco explains why he can charge so much.

A lot of business people think they can fool the public, Dom says, and they don't make out alright. You can charge what you want, he believes, as long as you don't fool the public. Never fool the public.

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