Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are Apples Collectible?

Christie's thinks so. First Bytes, an online auction, features this Apple-1 from 1976, the first product of the Apple Computer Company.

Also up for bid, and considerably cooler, this 20th anniversary Macintosh from 1997. Features include leather wrist-rests and a Bose sound system with external subwoofer.

The online auction ends July 9.


Jim Gust said...

If memory serves, the 20th anniversary Mac was more style than substance. It was relatively underpowered compared to the rest of the line, especially considering its premium price at the time.

But it did look very cool, the design has held up better than the original iMac.

Jim Gust said...

My memory was correct, per Wikipedia:

Note that the introductory price was $7,499! They only made 12,000 units. By the time they dropped the product the price was down to a more reasonable $1,995.

I'll be most interested in the price it fetches now. (It can't run OSX, so it's not exactly usable anymore.)