Saturday, June 22, 2013

There’ll Always Be A Tax Haven

Even today, the sun seldom sets on the fragments of the British Empire. See this Telegraph slide show.

The fragments aren't as insignificant as their size suggests. Many have become thriving financial centers, including . . .

Anguilla: a population of fewer than 16,000 and a reputation as a tax haven.

Bermuda: a popular haven for corporations, especially reinsurance companies.

British Virgin Islands: the corporate tax rate is a less than punitive 0%.

Cayman Islands: probably the first locale people think of when they hear “tax haven.”

Gibraltar: where The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo stashed her millions.

Turks and Caicos: about 30% of GDP comes from “financial services.”

Until we get a world government (let's not hurry) tax havens will continue to lure business and spice up the practice of wealth management. Unfortunately, personal visits are seldom necessary.

Turks & Caicos beach

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