Friday, February 25, 2011

The Case of the Disentailed Estate

Fitzroy Somerset led the Household Cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo. In later years, as Lord Raglan, he commanded the British forces in the Crimea. Despite a few mishaps (if only the Light Brigade had not charged!) Raglan's admirers presented him with Cefntilla, a 350-acre estate.

Last year, the fifth Lord Raglan (also named Fitzroy) died, succeeded by his brother. The brother's son, Arthur Somerset, is next in line for the title. But he won't get Cefntilla.

Seems a previous Lord Raglan (number three) had disentailed the estate. Therefore the elderly fifth Lord Raglan was free to change his will. Six months before his death last year, He disinherited his nephew Arthur and left Cefntilla to another nephew.

The fifth Lord Raglan was noted for owning two 1933 Bugattis, one for racing and the other for show. This is one of them:

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