Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reagan: An American President

Ronald Reagan, born 100 years ago today, wasn't always an especially popular president, as this column notes. But he was remarkable.

Santa once brought me "The Reagan Diaries." This seemed like a suitable occasion to give them a browse.

In his June 29, 1981 entry, Reagan exulted over the 1981 tax cut legislation: "This on top of the budget victory is the greatest pol. win in half a century."

Four and five years later he expresses dutiful support of the 1986 tax reform legislation, but without enthusiasm.

What struck me as I browsed was how even-handed Reagan was in his comments about the Repubs. and the Dems. in Congress. This was a president, after all, who may have had more lunches with Democrat Tip O'Neill than with Republican leaders. Ron as President did not see himself as a Republican or a Democrat (and he had been both). He saw himself as an American President.

To add a timely note to this otherwise off-topic post, here is what Ronald Reagan wrote in his diary on Tuesday, November 1, 1983:
Last night the Repub. Sen. very irresponsibly refused to pass an increase in the debt ceiling which is necessary if we're to borrow & keep the govt. running. *** I sounded off & told them I'd veto every d--n thing they sent down unless they gave us a clean debt ceiling bill. That ended the meeting.

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Jim Gust said...

Great post, though I didn't care for the link to Washington Post. I prefer this one to PowerLine:
I'm going to ask Santa for the Reagan Diaries for my library.